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Answer this question.

1. Why Abu Dhabi dubbed "Garden Flowers Persian Gulf"?
     a. Because many florist
     b. Because Abu Dhabi is a flower mascot
     c. Because many colorful flowers
     d. Because every house has a flower

2. Where is the Capital Gate building?
     a. United Arab Emirates
     b. Poland
     c. Indonesia
     d. English

3. What will be the mascot of Abu Dhabi in the future?
    a. Capital Gate
    b. Flower
    c. Tiger
    d. Palm tree

4. What companies are developing and have Capital Gate?
   a. ADNEC
   b. ADENC
   c. WWF
   d. Chevrolet

5. The building consists of how many floors?
   a. 20
   b. 25
   c. 30
   d. 35

6. When construction begins?
   a. September, 2007
   b. September 2008
   c. October, 2007
   d. December 2010

7. How high is the Capital Gate building?
   a. 160 meters
   b. 170 meters
   c. 180 meters
   d. 190 meters

8. Guinness Book of records record this building as?
   a. Grandest buildings
   b. The most lopsided buildings
   c. The most lopsided and furthest tower
   d. Loveliest tower

9. At what time I leave the house?
   a. 9 a.m
   b. 10 a.m
   c. 11 a.m
   d. 12 a.m

10. What is the price of admission for foreign tourists?
   a. Rp. 100,000
   b. Rp. 75,000
   c. Rp. 50,000
   d. Rp. 25,000

11. How much is the admission to local tourists?
   a. Rp. 20,000
   b. Rp. 19,000
   c. Rp. 18,000
   d. Rp. 17,000

12. What is the price of admission cars?
   a. Rp. 10,000
   b. Rp. 15,000
   c. Rp. 20,000
   d. Rp. 25,000

13. When Tangkuban Perahu open?
   a. 6 a.m
   b. 7 a.m
   c. 8 a.m
   d. 5 p.m

14. The craters were not in the text that is?
   a. Ratu
   b. Upas
   c. Panganten
   d. Paguyangan Badak

15. What is the price of admission bus?
   a. Rp. 10,000
   b. Rp. 20,000
   c. Rp. 30,000
   d. Rp. 40,000

16. Who is the singer I Promise?
   a. Maroon 5
   b. Maher Zain
   c. Harris. J
   d. Bruno Mars

17. On what album the song was released?
   a. Salam
   b. Dream
   c. Yaa Salaam
   d. Yaa Nabii

18. When the song was released?
   a. 06/11/2015
   b. 07/11/2015
   c. 08/11/2015
   d. 11/7/2015

19. The singer comes from?
   a. English
   b. America
   c. German
   d. Spanish

20. The value can be taken from the song that is?
   a. We have to devote to our parents
   b. We must put personal interests
   c. We can be indifferent to our parents
   d. We can not be indifferent to parents

1. C                    11. D
2. A                    12. A
3. A                    13. B
4. A                    14. C
5. D                    15. B
6. A                    16. C
7. A                    17. A
8. C                    18. A
9. A                    19. A
10. B                  20. A

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