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Amazing Structure

Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi

As one of the seven Caliphate, Abudhabi is the largest emirate in Arabic. Union does not want to lose to any other city in the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, Abudhabi also become bolder 'beautify' ourselves to give our best in every tourist who comes to visit the city that some people refer to it as 'Las Vegas in middle east'.

Abudhabi also dubbed as the "flower garden Persian Gulf". Whoever first visit to AbuDhabi and went throughout the city will be made not believe that it is situated on the sand. Colorful flowers, the grass is always in trim and a variety of palm trees of various types in the planting and arranged so that further adds to the appeal of this city. Should local governments to make Abudhabi as a 'page' front of his house as a gateway that is ready to welcome anyone who comes to this city.

As the capital of the State and the down-town city of the world in general are not separated by the building of skyscrapers, Abudhabi also made one of the buildings that may be on to say as one of the grandest buildings in the world. The building is very unique in terms of form and architecture ever made man.

Capital Gate is a skyscraper located in the State of the United Arab Emirates. This building will be an icon of the future Abudhabi, owned and developed by ADNEC (Abudhabi National Exhibitions Company) as a major business center in the UAE.

This building consists of 35 floors. Floors 2 to the 16th floor is composed as office space, while the rest will be used for residential and exclusive hotel named Hyatt Capital Gate. Capital Gate construction began in September 2007, in December 2010 the number of workers reached 9.73 million people. Icons in the wake tower looming above ground height of 160 meters on slopes up to 18 degrees to the west and is four times the slope beyond the tower of Pisa in Italy. Guinness Book of record was recorded in January 2010 as a tower the most lopsided and farthest in the world that created humans.

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