Selasa, 22 Desember 2015


Hello my friends..  Now I'll tell you about camprt..

Camprt or "camping pramuka tiga" is one of the policies of the school to fill the scout in the book value or the value of report cards. camprt event was held in lieu of scout activities saharusnya routine executed every week outside of school hours learning effective.
Camprt held on 15 December 2015 in Bukit Kemah Tiara Payung, Jatinangor. In the morning all the participants and organizers and professors gathered at the school ceremony. After assembly, the participants rushed to the truck each class, oiyea.. we use military trucks not using the bus. In the journey me and friends joked that the atmosphere was strongly felt close. do not feel we finally reached the location, once we got our location directly line up in "sangga" or groups during the event camprt. after the march we immediately set up a tent, build a tent when I had no trouble because I've never set up a tent before. after I finished setting up camp directly storing goods in the tent and I immediately following the opening ceremony.
After that we were instructed to choose the chairman of sangga, my friend and a friend chose Rifqi as chairman, oiyea I have told members of second sangga as me, Alif, Andhika, Doni, Hiba, Cemal, Rifqi, and Rizky but Andhika not able to attend this event because he was sick. After that we are given the break. After the break I was immediately given the first lesson, the first lesson sided on ropes, palanquin, and my navigation, hiba, and doni take about rigging. After completion of the first lessons we are given the break. After which time the break we continued with scouting competition.
 Do not feel the night arrived, after a long day we were given time to eat and cook food, we eat like the restaurant that night all there. After a full meal event continued with a bonfire and performing arts. Art performance was done by each class, unfortunately I could not be performed because of my being to the toilet. after exciting joint call friends we went straight to the tent to rest.
We woke up at 5 am, I woke up and rushed to wash my face and did not shower because the cold and had a shower last night hehehe .. The morning opened with morning sport but I do not follow sports because it must prepare the meal for the members of our tent. after breakfast we move on to the next event that is wide games.
After the games finished wide event, I immediately packed my stuff and rushed to lower the hood. After lowering my tent assembled in the field to attend the closing ceremony and immediately headed to the school as a gathering place finish.
Thank you for reading my story ..  
see you :)