Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

Dialog Complimenting

Naufal  : Hai Ilman..
Ilman   : Hai Naufal..
Naufal  : Where do you want yo go tonight?
Ilman   : I want to go to the musical cancert to watch their perfomance.
Naufal  : Really?
Ilman   : Yeah..
Naufal  : That's wonderful!
Ilman   : Did you see something different with me? 
                Have a look at my new clothes!
Naufal  : How beautiful your clothes are! It's seems fit to you.
Ilman   : Thank's a lot. I bougth it yesterday. You wear nice clothes, as well.
Naufal  : Thank you. I have to accompany my brother at school. See you later!
Ilman   : See you later!

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2015

My New Friend

Hello my friends.. I will tell you back but this time on my new friend.

When I first came into the classroom, I felt very strange because there is none of my close friends. My first friend in X-7 is Fikri Fikri Zharfan I usually call him, he comes from JHS 5 Bandung.
When I first became acquainted and see him I think he is a funny guy because he's face.
after playing with him.My guess is right fikri is a funny and silly guy.

Fikri ( Right )

Fikri dreams aspirations wanted to be a doctor because want to help others. He wants to continue the study in UNPAD FK or FK UI. Fikri was born June 5, 2000 in Bandung. He lived at Jl. Selontongan 2 No. 7, but I do not know where it was. His hobbies are playing basketball, playing games, and watching sports. She also said that she likes sports, especially football, his favorite soccer club Manchester United is the same as me.

Things I love about fikri is narrow eyes, a distinctive style of speech, and behavior are very silly.

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

It's Me


I would like to introduce about myself. My name Muhamad Naufal Pratama. I was born 6 February 2000 in Bandung.I am a child to one of the two brothers.Because my first child so I should be more mature and wise in mindset and also in addressing the problem in all things, then having a high responsible, and have ideals or hopes to get a target that we want is to be a success in the world and in the hereafter. I lived with my parents and my brother schools outside the city. I was Muslim I live in Gunung Batu street Pada Asih alley number 20. My habit is to listen to music, but I can not play a musical instrument. I'm very like sports, so I enjoy doing sport is football and badminton. My favorite color is blue. My favorite football club is Manchester United. 
I graduated from junior high schools 1 Bandung, I now attend senior high school 3 Bandung. My class is 10 science 7, in class I sat with my friend named Habib Yusuf.I really like math lesson. My future goals are to be an entrepreneur, because I think entrepreneurship is very pleasant and freer than working in a company. This time I really want to learn to be a programmer in order to create a program.

This my story, what your story?