Selasa, 22 Desember 2015


Hello my friends..  Now I'll tell you about camprt..

Camprt or "camping pramuka tiga" is one of the policies of the school to fill the scout in the book value or the value of report cards. camprt event was held in lieu of scout activities saharusnya routine executed every week outside of school hours learning effective.
Camprt held on 15 December 2015 in Bukit Kemah Tiara Payung, Jatinangor. In the morning all the participants and organizers and professors gathered at the school ceremony. After assembly, the participants rushed to the truck each class, oiyea.. we use military trucks not using the bus. In the journey me and friends joked that the atmosphere was strongly felt close. do not feel we finally reached the location, once we got our location directly line up in "sangga" or groups during the event camprt. after the march we immediately set up a tent, build a tent when I had no trouble because I've never set up a tent before. after I finished setting up camp directly storing goods in the tent and I immediately following the opening ceremony.
After that we were instructed to choose the chairman of sangga, my friend and a friend chose Rifqi as chairman, oiyea I have told members of second sangga as me, Alif, Andhika, Doni, Hiba, Cemal, Rifqi, and Rizky but Andhika not able to attend this event because he was sick. After that we are given the break. After the break I was immediately given the first lesson, the first lesson sided on ropes, palanquin, and my navigation, hiba, and doni take about rigging. After completion of the first lessons we are given the break. After which time the break we continued with scouting competition.
 Do not feel the night arrived, after a long day we were given time to eat and cook food, we eat like the restaurant that night all there. After a full meal event continued with a bonfire and performing arts. Art performance was done by each class, unfortunately I could not be performed because of my being to the toilet. after exciting joint call friends we went straight to the tent to rest.
We woke up at 5 am, I woke up and rushed to wash my face and did not shower because the cold and had a shower last night hehehe .. The morning opened with morning sport but I do not follow sports because it must prepare the meal for the members of our tent. after breakfast we move on to the next event that is wide games.
After the games finished wide event, I immediately packed my stuff and rushed to lower the hood. After lowering my tent assembled in the field to attend the closing ceremony and immediately headed to the school as a gathering place finish.
Thank you for reading my story ..  
see you :)

Minggu, 27 September 2015


Hello Friend..

Back with me again Naufal. This time I will tell you my experience when watching a cultural festival organized by my school. My school has organized an event that is a cultural festival. What was the cultural festival? Cultural festival is an activity to introduce or show a work of art music, dance, drama, and the other to the everyone.

Cultural festival this time is the second year organized by my school. Name of the cultural festival this time is Gamarvani. Gamarvani taken from the Latin Language gama means journey and arvani which means moon. So gamarvani is journey to the moon inspired by the folktale originating from West Java, namely "Nyai Anteh sang Penunggu Bulan".

Gamarvani event was held in Lapangan Bali on 19 September 2015. This event is very festive for inviting a lot of guest stars such as Adera, Hivi!, wayang golek show, and much more. Not to forget also Gamarvani showing the work of school extracurricular, like Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3 (KPA 3), Tiloe's Theater, Musik Klasik 3 (MK 3). Not only guest stars and performers are curious, this event also presents 15 food booths, 12 foodtruck, and some traditional foods that can make a full stomach. What about the price of the ticket? Ticket prices gamarvani only Rp.40,000 but if we buy on the spot Rp.50,000.

Gamarvani started at 08.00 am with the parade with traditional clothes, then at 10:00 am ceremony followed by a reception and opening Gamarvani this year by the school principal Mr. Encang. Once opened by Mr.Encang the audience who already have a ticket to get into the Lapangan Bali, but when we will go into the field we have to pass through body checks to minimize the things we do not want.
At 10:30 the event was guided by the emcee, and one by one the performers also appear. when the performers were performing, that this event is more exciting and more festive committee also prepared some traditional games such as perepet jengkol, sapintrong, bancakan, and much more. Time continues to pass, and that awaited was finally performed. Adera currently taking to the stage all the crowd shouting, and when Adera sang the audience was stunned. After performing Adera it's time Hivi! perform, Hivi! perform no less impressive with Adera perform.

After all the guest stars perform the show had to end. I think this time the event was very successful and memorable. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for your attention. Bye bye :)

Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

Dialog Complimenting

Naufal  : Hai Ilman..
Ilman   : Hai Naufal..
Naufal  : Where do you want yo go tonight?
Ilman   : I want to go to the musical cancert to watch their perfomance.
Naufal  : Really?
Ilman   : Yeah..
Naufal  : That's wonderful!
Ilman   : Did you see something different with me? 
                Have a look at my new clothes!
Naufal  : How beautiful your clothes are! It's seems fit to you.
Ilman   : Thank's a lot. I bougth it yesterday. You wear nice clothes, as well.
Naufal  : Thank you. I have to accompany my brother at school. See you later!
Ilman   : See you later!

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2015

My New Friend

Hello my friends.. I will tell you back but this time on my new friend.

When I first came into the classroom, I felt very strange because there is none of my close friends. My first friend in X-7 is Fikri Fikri Zharfan I usually call him, he comes from JHS 5 Bandung.
When I first became acquainted and see him I think he is a funny guy because he's face.
after playing with him.My guess is right fikri is a funny and silly guy.

Fikri ( Right )

Fikri dreams aspirations wanted to be a doctor because want to help others. He wants to continue the study in UNPAD FK or FK UI. Fikri was born June 5, 2000 in Bandung. He lived at Jl. Selontongan 2 No. 7, but I do not know where it was. His hobbies are playing basketball, playing games, and watching sports. She also said that she likes sports, especially football, his favorite soccer club Manchester United is the same as me.

Things I love about fikri is narrow eyes, a distinctive style of speech, and behavior are very silly.

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

It's Me


I would like to introduce about myself. My name Muhamad Naufal Pratama. I was born 6 February 2000 in Bandung.I am a child to one of the two brothers.Because my first child so I should be more mature and wise in mindset and also in addressing the problem in all things, then having a high responsible, and have ideals or hopes to get a target that we want is to be a success in the world and in the hereafter. I lived with my parents and my brother schools outside the city. I was Muslim I live in Gunung Batu street Pada Asih alley number 20. My habit is to listen to music, but I can not play a musical instrument. I'm very like sports, so I enjoy doing sport is football and badminton. My favorite color is blue. My favorite football club is Manchester United. 
I graduated from junior high schools 1 Bandung, I now attend senior high school 3 Bandung. My class is 10 science 7, in class I sat with my friend named Habib Yusuf.I really like math lesson. My future goals are to be an entrepreneur, because I think entrepreneurship is very pleasant and freer than working in a company. This time I really want to learn to be a programmer in order to create a program.

This my story, what your story?