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Back with me again Naufal. This time I will tell you my experience when watching a cultural festival organized by my school. My school has organized an event that is a cultural festival. What was the cultural festival? Cultural festival is an activity to introduce or show a work of art music, dance, drama, and the other to the everyone.

Cultural festival this time is the second year organized by my school. Name of the cultural festival this time is Gamarvani. Gamarvani taken from the Latin Language gama means journey and arvani which means moon. So gamarvani is journey to the moon inspired by the folktale originating from West Java, namely "Nyai Anteh sang Penunggu Bulan".

Gamarvani event was held in Lapangan Bali on 19 September 2015. This event is very festive for inviting a lot of guest stars such as Adera, Hivi!, wayang golek show, and much more. Not to forget also Gamarvani showing the work of school extracurricular, like Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3 (KPA 3), Tiloe's Theater, Musik Klasik 3 (MK 3). Not only guest stars and performers are curious, this event also presents 15 food booths, 12 foodtruck, and some traditional foods that can make a full stomach. What about the price of the ticket? Ticket prices gamarvani only Rp.40,000 but if we buy on the spot Rp.50,000.

Gamarvani started at 08.00 am with the parade with traditional clothes, then at 10:00 am ceremony followed by a reception and opening Gamarvani this year by the school principal Mr. Encang. Once opened by Mr.Encang the audience who already have a ticket to get into the Lapangan Bali, but when we will go into the field we have to pass through body checks to minimize the things we do not want.
At 10:30 the event was guided by the emcee, and one by one the performers also appear. when the performers were performing, that this event is more exciting and more festive committee also prepared some traditional games such as perepet jengkol, sapintrong, bancakan, and much more. Time continues to pass, and that awaited was finally performed. Adera currently taking to the stage all the crowd shouting, and when Adera sang the audience was stunned. After performing Adera it's time Hivi! perform, Hivi! perform no less impressive with Adera perform.

After all the guest stars perform the show had to end. I think this time the event was very successful and memorable. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for your attention. Bye bye :)

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